A great hydrating agent. Aloe vera gel retains water inside the hair fibre. Soothing, it acts as a balm and relieves scalp irritations. It also regulates sebum production.
Perfect for dry or oily hair. Soothing, refreshing, hydrating, skin-repairing. It stimulates skin repair and relieves irritation.

Présent in the following formulas : STYLING GEL/ HAIR & BEARD SHAMPOO/ SHAVING GEL

A plant-based alternative to keratin. Low-molecular-weight proteins that penetrate inside the hair. Rejuvenating, restructuring and strengthening. Brings strength, shine and softness to your hair. Strengthens the hair structure. Protects the hair from external aggressions. Repairs damage causes by external aggressions.

Présent in the following formula : HAIR & BEARD SHAMPOO

Rich in glycine, proline & leucine. Glycine and proline are two of the main components of collagen, and leucine helps repair damaged tissue. This active ingredient was tested clinically on a group of men to objectify the immediate soothing sensation it provides when faced with chemical or mechanical irritation.

Présent in the following formula : SHAVING GEL

Natural fixing agent.

Présent in the following formula : STYLING GEL

Humectant and hydrating attracts and retains water so that the skin can remain hydrated. Conditioner.

Présent in the following formula : STYLING GEL / SHAVING GEL & STYLING PASTE

Sulfite FREE.

Présent in the following formula : HAIR & BEARD SHAMPOO

Plant-based active ingredients: filmogenic effect that maintains hair hydration.
They protect the hair against irradiation (sun, UV) and intensive shampooing (preserving the hair colour, keeping the colour even, keep the hair shiny). It also protects the hair from the heat (hairdryer, straightener), makes it more resistant and protects its structure.

Présent in the following formula : HAIR & BEARD SHAMPOO

Nourishing and repairing. Natural texture and fixation agent.

Présent in the following formula : STYLING PASTE

Conditioning and filmogenic agent. Sheathes, structures and strengthens your hair. Nourishing and tensing agent to protect your hair. Proteins help fill the hair fibre, sheathe the hair in a protecting film and smoothe the cuticles. As proteins target specifically the damaged areas, the hair gets stronger. Fragile hair appear fuller and shinier, and damaged hair are more supple.

Présent in the following formula : STYLING PASTE


Pomegranate oil has many benefits for the skin. Its seeds are about 60% alpha-punicic acid (Omega 5), a conjugated polyunsaturated fatty acid whose structure is close to that of linoleic acid (CLAs).

This rare acid is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties (inhibition of pro-inflammatory prostaglandin biosynthesis). It also normalizes lipid metabolism and contributes to the reduction of fatty tissue. Other components: oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, squalane, vitamins E and F. Phytosterols and vitamin E reinforce its antioxidant and antiradical properties.

It is a very precious oil that is ideal for facial care, and especially for mature, dry, irritated skin. Anti-aging serums are truly becoming fountains of youth: they stimulate keratinocyte proliferation, which allows the skin to thicken slightly. It is perfect for beard oil thanks to its soothing, nourishing and antibacterial properties.

It soothes irritated skin and relieves redness. Its healing properties stimulate skin repair for irritated, cracked skin. Its softening properties make the skin silky.

This oil is very rich in omega 6, an essential fatty acid, and in naturally antioxidant vitamin E. Hydrating, emollient, antioxidant, it can be used in facial skincare products for all types of skin.

It protects the skin from dehydration and protects the skin cells from water deprivation. Nourishing, it penetrates the deeper layers of the skin without leaving any oily film. Jojoba oil is well-known for its soothing and healing properties. Because it protects and softens the skin, it is perfect for sensitive skin.

Healing and soothing. Regenerating and restructuring. Protects and softens the skin, very gentle.

This oil has regenerating, restructuring, nourishing, hydrating, antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Oxidation-stable, it can be used in anti-aging products, hair care products and body oils.

Used in skin and hair care, its specificity is that it provides antiradical phenols, vitamin E and Q10 co-enzyme, which all contribute to fighting skin aging. Rich in oleic acid, this oil is oxidation-stable and can be used in all body care products. As a source of vegetable squalane, it has emollient and hydrating properties.

Its stable, emollient and hydrating properties make it an ideal ingredients in all products for dry, lifeless and sensitive skin.

Antiradical and anti-aging, it contributes to preventing your skin from aging. Protective and filmogenic, it protects the skin from dehydration.

Very nourishing, coconut oil significantly reduces skin dehydration. Soothing and gentle, it relieves redness.

It nourishes your skin and hair and protects them from dryness. Soothing, it relieves itching and irritations. Softening and strengthening, it activates skin repair and revitalizes damaged hair. It also helps get rid of dandruff.


Soothes inflamed skin. Advised for sensitive, irritated, prone to redness skin.

Present in the following formula : SHAVING GEL

Lavender foral water Soothing, astringent, purifying and refreshing
Présent in the following formula : SHAVING GEL