Certified organic styling paste : ideal for short hair, to create a tousled or sleek look. Brings texture and shine. Long hold.

Use: On dry or wet hair. Take a knob of paste. Warm it up in your hands. Apply on the whole hair. Comb for a sleek look. Blow dry for more shine. Washes away with the first shampoo.

Key Ingrédients : Organic cane sugar / Vegetable glycerin /Wheat protein & Bee’s wax

Certified Organic styling gel: Long lasting and strong Hold 8. Keeps all short styles in place, while remaining gentle on the air thanks to its formula with aloe vera.

Use: on wet or dry hair. Smooth a small amount of gel over locks to set in place. For strongerhold: dry with a blow-dryer.

Key Ingrédients: Aloe Vera / Organic cane sugar & Vegetable glycerin

Organic Certified Hair & Beard Shampoo: A true haircare routine for your hair and beard. It gently washes them thanks to its aloe vera and plant-based keratin formula.

How to use: Apply the shampoo on wet hair & beard, lather and rinse. For daily use. Your hair and beard are clean, glossy and soft.

Key Ingrédients: Aloe Vera /Hydrolyzed vegetable proteins – A plant-based alternative to keratin

Organic Certified Beard Oil : hyper concentrée et riche en actifs hydratants pour nourrir la barbe et la peau. Convient aux barbes épaisses. Soin hydratant et nourrissant

How to use: Pour a few drops of oil in your hand and apply evenly on your bread, from root to ends. Comb. Your beard is soft, glossy and tidy. Your skin is well-hydrated.

Key Ingrédients: 10 oils + Pomegranate oil

Organic Certified Shaving Gel: A unique formula with natural ingredients and a transparent texture guarantee you a precise shave for a beautifully defined beard. Thanks to its aloe vera-based formula, the blade glides easily and does not irritate your skin.

How to use: Apply on the contours to redefine the beard. For a complete shave, apply on the whole area, lather with some water and shave.

Key Ingrédients: Barley extract / Aloe Vera / Chamomile floral water & Vegetable Glycérin

Natural certified Eau de Cologne: A very masculine assemblage in the Aromatic/Fern/Wood family, with a top note blending lavender, lemon and mint; a heart of cedar, geranium and patchouli, and a bottom note of vetiver. A natural perfume, without colourants.

Use: for long-lasting wear, apply to the wrists and neck. The fragrance will diffuse all day long. Do not rub after application.



To make a commitment to produce cosmetic products which respect our health and the environment


Quality and production methods for cosmetic products are a major concern for consumers. To give them an optimal and European-wide solution, cosmetic professionals have created the COSMOS Standard.


COSMOS Standard covers the entire manufacturing process of a cosmetic product: the origin of the

raw materials, the transformation processes used, choice of packaging materials.

It is targeted at manufacturers of ingredients, formulators, producers and distributors.

COSMOS Standard provides consumers with an optimal guarantee for production that respects health and the environment:

– Safe and quality products which use natural and organic ingredients,

– Respect for the environment through the exclusive use of processes which protect the environment and give precedence to renewable resources,

– Respect for health with the absence of hazardous ingredients or which pose a health risk, Ethical by banning animal ingredients,

– Transparency, thanks to a harmonised calculation model and clear communication for the