THE HERO. The 1920s’ pilot, a true icon of elegance. Pioneers and adventurers above all else, the pilots of this period had to be elegant (therefore smartly coiffed) in every situation, despite the sometimes extreme conditions of their job. With Hairgum Origines, the prestige of the aviation world is honoured.

THE RANGE. A selection of four beard products (shaving and treatment) and two hair products, formulated to provide long hold, and one Eau de Cologne. All of the formulas are Cosmos-certified. The fragrances have woody-sharp notes. The materials chosen for the packaging are noble materials (glass & aluminium). All products in the range come in boxes.

THE SPIRIT. Pioneering, with authentic products and simple formulas for an effective result. Origines marks a return to roots and to basics. Origines is a selection of the finest ingredients, a return to the recipes of the past, free of all superfluous ingredients but tailored to men, their rituals and their requirements.

VALUES. French production, promotion of authenticity via organic Cosmos-certified ingredients and recyclable packaging: discretion, simplicity, rigour, quality, respect for the consumer and the environment.



Founded in 1989 following a trip to the United States, the brand was the result of a meeting with an iconic product: Brillantine, the famous hair-grooming product in a tube loved by men in the 1920s, in particular the first aviators. When the first Hairgum wax was launched, it was the history of 1920s’ aviators “in a tin”! The formula of the legendary Brillantine was reinterpreted and reworked into a more concentrated formula, a kind of “styling paste” (a gum), no longer sold in a tube, but in a little metal tin. A styling product for AIR MEN: Hair-gum!

Aviators in the 1920s were very concerned about their appearance and had to be well styled in every circumstance. However, the flights of the time required them to wear a helmet. What better than wax to style and re-style their hair all day long, even when they removed their helmet?

This was how the little tin of wax, stamped with an aeroplane in homage to these aviators from another period and to legendary elegance, was born. After a bi-plane on the very first version, the logo then developed into the DC3 on the current logo.

For nearly 30 years, Hairgum has been reinventing masculine beauty with increasingly innovative styling products and, more recently, a special range for the beard.

Right from the start, the Hairgum brand has been strongly committed to men’s hair styling, with distinctive product lines, especially focused on styling wax, the brand’s iconic product. Today, the little tin of wax from the “aeroplane brand” has become its finest signature.

For several years, the brand has been pursuing its strategic development to become an essential player on the men’s grooming market.
2015 marked the brand’s return to its origins, with a new vintage design.
In March of the same year, Hairgum confirmed its come-back with the presentation of its Barber range at Cosmoprof Italie, the not-to-miss international trade show. It was a success and the brand proposed the only integrated concept on the market: a full shaving and beard treatment range accompanied with targeted marketing tools to give stylists a comprehensive service and the possibility to create a dedicated barber space in their salons.

But this was just the first step before the opening of the first Hairgum barber shop in 2016. This Barber shop is like a genuine laboratory to launch the new brand concept, which now intends to become a partner for future hairstylists-barbers when they open and kit out their salons.

1989. Incorporation of the company Laboratoire Ariland in France. As a pioneer, Laboratoire Ariland brings hair wax back to the French market: the Hairgum brand is born and quickly becomes a must-have amongst professionals. The iconic little shoe polish can becomes its flagship.

1998. Hairgum becomes an international brand, developing business abroad and exhibiting on the Las Vegas Cosmoprof show.

2000. The Big One. Based on the success of its little tin, Hairgum launched the biggest tin in hair salons: a 400g pomade.

2010. Hairgum is confirmed as a key player on the men’s hair styling market. This year, the little tin went on a world tour reaching 52 countries worldwide.

2015. Back to the brand’s origins with a new design strongly inspired by American Vintage. Hairgum is the first brand to offer a barber range. It extends its grooming concept with a full range for shaving, with treatments and styling products as well as a full marketing offer for professionals.

2016. Opening of the first Hairgum Barber-Shop in France. Men’s hair salon and barber service in a boutique featuring the brand’s colours. The concept is now developing and extending in France.

2017. First Hairgum Hair and Beard Colour.

2018. A return to origins. In 2018, the brand is renewing with its origins and designing a short, high-end range, which includes grooming essentials for men, which is COSMOS-certified by ECOCERT and dedicated to men’s barber shops.


Laboratoire Ariland is a French manufacturer of hair products for styling professionals. It has been based in the Rhône Alpes area of France since it was founded in 1989.

Today it is two solid brands – Hairgum & K pour Karité – and a team of 17 people who share the same passion: to create and distribute quality professional products with an original and offbeat design, with innovative textures and fragrances.
Laboratoire Ariland has all the necessary skills, from formulation to quality control, including production, marketing, design creation and active presence in the styling network, as well as on Internet and social media, in France and abroad.
Laboratoire Ariland has become a reference thanks to its historic brand, Hairgum, designed for styling professionals and distributed on this market for over 25 years.